Peggy@ Eudaimonia Studio

Alpena, MI

My Bio

My name is Peggy and I am 40+ years old.  I have 2 daughters, preschool and elementary school age.  I am divorced and in a relationship.  I have a BSW and practiced social work up until about 5 years ago when I stopped working due to personal health issues.  I am very happy to be pusuing my first love as a second career (art).   I began seriously studying art forms in high school and attended several art colleges and won awards and scholarships.  However I went into social work later.  I made several people quite disappointed that I didn't continue in art at that time!  Let that be a lesson to those of you who are trying to ignore the call of your muse!!!  It's never too late and I have gained a tremendous amount of healing from my work as an artist now. 

I live on the edge of Lake Huron in Michigan.  Nature inspires me daily.  I love photography, jewelry making, beadwork, painting, crochet, sewing, art journaling, art for therapy and mixed media adventures.  I would like to advocate for the advancement of art for healing work. 

I just getting started to share myself and my work again and I have a blog and do facebook frequently.  I am an avid ebayer and love the hunt for great free shipping deals on all things artsy.  I am pushing myself to get out of the house and take my work seriously again.  If I can be of encouragement to anybody, let's talk. 

 I call my home studio Eudaimonia, which I am still studying, that means happiness, loosely translated from Greek.