Filing Taxes or Art Journaling Today? Hmm…

On a day when many Americans are knee-deep in tax forms, only hours away from the filing deadline, there’s one thing that can offer some relief: art journaling. What a great way to lighten up and let our minds relax. Once the forms are submitted, we can take a break and get back to doing what we love. Even better–use the code 15TAXBREAK to save $15 on a $40 purchase at the Interweave store, today only. To get those creative juices flowing, here’s a lesson from Cloth Paper Scissors on how to get started making art journal pages (after the taxes are tended to, of course!).

Art journaling ideas from Dawn Okol and
Art journaling ideas by Dawn DeVries Sokol.

Making an Art Journal: Getting Started by Dawn DeVries Sokol

1. Flip through your art journal and stop at whatever page speaks to you.

2. Pull out a couple of paints and squirt one of the colors in dime- to quarter-sized spots, here and there, on your page. I like to use combinations of chartreuse green and light blue, pink and orange, or sometimes red and teal.

3. Choose another color and apply it in the same way. Using your fingers, rub the paints in, combining the colors. Make sure to cover the whole page. If you have empty areas, squirt a little more color onto the page and rub it in.
Note: I spread paints with my fingers because it leaves a smooth finish on the page, the paints blend better, and I feel like I have more control.

4. Paint about five pages in one sitting; do more or less if you want. Listen to your instincts, and stop when you feel like it.

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Ways to Change It Up

Art journal ideas from Dawn Okol and

• Use a paintbrush with tough bristles to add a lined texture to your backgrounds.

• Water down your paints for a wash across your pages. Have plenty of paper towels on hand to blot up excess paint.

• Use paper towels to create a different look. Spread the paint across a page, let it dry slightly, and then wipe the paper towel across the page, removing some of the wet paint. Try this method with baby wipes for a slightly different effect.

• Apply paint with items like sponges, old credit cards or hotel room keys, combs, etc., to create different textures.

Remember, no rules, no worries. That’s what art journaling should be about. ~Dawn

I love the idea of painting several pages at once so that when they’re dry, you can play around with different ideas on all those pages. What’s your favorite background color for art journal pages? “Like” us on Facebook, then comment on the post related to this and see what others have to say as well. And make sure you take advantage of discount code from the Interweave store: 15TAXBREAK. Happy shopping!

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