Make a Beaded Bracelet in Just 4 Steps

Denise Peck, Editor-in-Chief of Easy Wire magazine, said she laughed when she saw someone online say, “life’s too short to wear department store jewelry.” I have to agree, and that’s why I want to make as many things for as many people as I can. Jewelry is such a personal accessory, and it also makes a lovely gift, as I’m sure you can appreciate.

So without further ado, here are step-by-step directions for making a beaded bracelet.

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Beaded Vine Bangle by Tracey Johnson (designer) and Cynthia Deis

Tools & Supplies (from–2 mm leather cording, 24"; 24-gauge dead soft or half-hard wire, 15"; Size 11/0 seed beads, 3 grams; Chain-nose pliers; Flush cutters

1. Loop the leather around twice so that the ends overlap about 2". Test fit by carefully slipping the loops over your hand.

2. To secure the leather strands, coil the wire tightly for 8–10 wraps around all of the leather strands (3) where they overlap close to one of the ends.

3. String seed beads onto the wire. Coil the wire around the leather, working toward the other cut end, and evenly spacing the seed beads out on the leather.

4. Coil the remaining wire tightly around all of the leather strands (3), so that the wire is secured. Trim any excess wire or leather and tuck in the wire ends with pliers. ~T.J. and C.D.

In Easy Wire, you’ll learn how to make necklaces, earrings, and bracelets (such as the ones featured here). The featured articles explain jewelry-making techniques, essential tools, wire basics, and more. This issue is part of Interweave’s “Getting Started: Mixed-Media Jewelry Basics” kit, which has plenty of supplies and inspiration to get you started. The kit includes Resin Alchemy by Susan Lenart Kazmer, the eBook 10 5-Minute Wire Jewelry Projects, and a tempting assortment of supplies that our team hand-picked just for you.

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