4 Free Projects Using Needle Felting and Wet Felting Techniques from Cloth Paper Scissors

Incorporating feltmaking is one of the quickest and easiest ways to add texture and dimension to your work. One of the oldest textile techniques, felt is created through the unique process of combining raw materials and fiber manipulation. Today’s mixed-media artists are experiencing a resurgence of felting techniques.

Wet felting is a traditional technique where felt is created using nothing more than wool roving and kitchen supplies. Hand needle felting requires very little to get started and is a low-tech process that allows you to create felted motifs. The advent of the needle-felting machine allows artists to create new, unique textiles using the same concepts as hand needle felting, but with faster results.

Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced feltmaker, these articles and free projects are sure to expand your felting skills.

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Learn how to felt and get 4 Free Felt Projects!

Use felting supplies for felting yarn, fibers, and embellishments to create beautiful felt designs.

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Don’t miss out on this creative opportunity to learn all four felting techniques.

Develop your felting skills with a variety of felting instructions, from using a needle-felting machine to traditional wet felting techniques.

From a distance, a needle-felting machine looks like a sewing machine, but rather than sewing, this machine uses a cluster of sharp needles to punch fibers and fabric together to create felt fabric. Machine needle felting is really easy to do and can give you quite spectacular results.
Wet felting requires very little felting supplies, only wool roving and kitchen supplies to get started.

Free needle felting projects, felting instruction and design 1
Free Fiber Art Projects: Technique #1

Start this design by applying a layer of scrim on to cotton velvet to make an interesting background. Add various felt shapes, silk, and nearly any material to your background, felting them together as you go. Fuse WonderUnder to the piece, than add final embellishments for as simple or complex a needle felt piece as you like. If you feel you’ve overdone your work and have lost too much of the background, Beryl’s simple tip for bringing the colors back will save the day.  Follow her step by step felting instructions to learn how to needle felt, and get started with this simple and gratifying felting technique.

How to needle felt using a needle felting machine: felting instructions and design 2
Free Fiber Art Projects: Technique #2

Beate Knappe shows her love of the colors of the forest and machine needle felting in her design "Autumn in the Forest." Begin this piece by creating a base felt fabric, then add texture by needle felting wool, more roving, and fabrics until the piece is the size you want. After ironing, you can add a border using embroidery threads and your favorite stitch. Learn how to needle felt and create your own needle felt masterpiece with Beate’s simple, creative process.

Use simple needle felting supplies with these felting instructions and design 3
Free Fiber Art Projects: Technique #3

"This simple artist trading card (ATC) project is a great introduction to the craft and a good excuse to indulge in some ultra-soft roving," which is why Kelli loves these particular needle felt projects. Hand needle felting is incredibly easy and can be much less intimidating than other felting techniques. Also, the needle felting supplies need are minimal and are relatively inexpensive. The needles used for hand needle felt projects are extremely sharp and work by causing the fibers to get trapped on the back side of the felt fabric base. Start your own ATC by choosing your background color and type of felt fabric (either wool or synthetic). Gather your fiber arts supplies for your project, determine your design, and start creating. Kelli shares her tips and tricks along the way to help you be successful at these fun and free needle felting projects.

Wet felting techniques: felting instructions and design 4

Free Fiber Art Project: Technique #4

Sarah presents her variation on the rolling method of wet felting, a felting technique that is still used by many people in the Middle East and Central Asia.  Merino-type wool roving tops are gently pulled apart then laid overlapping slightly to create a base. Add additional layers and finish with embellishments before beginning the actual process of felting. Start on the road to felting with Sarah’s traditional wet felting techniques, and begin experimenting with the many possibilities of felt fabric.

This tutorial is packed fulled of exciting tips and inspiration.

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Example of needle felting wool, fibers, and more together.