Exploring Encaustics: 4 Free Encaustic Art and Painting Techniques

The practice of painting encaustics can be dated back to ancient Greece and Egypt, as early as 100-300 AD. Also known as hot wax painting, encaustic painting uses heated beeswax to which colored pigments are added. This mixed media wax is then applied to a surface, usually wood or canvas, using a variety of techniques and encaustic supplies. Special tools are used during the process, including the increasingly popular hot wax art stylus. Metal encaustic tools and special brushes help apply the wax, while heated tools can be used to manipulate the wax after it has cooled. What makes encaustic wax painting so versatile is the many possibilities for adding materials to the wax using collage techniques, layering, or by using an encaustic medium.

In this free encaustic technique eBook, we’ve pulled together four articles by some of our favorite experts on mixed-media encaustic art. Whether you’re just starting out exploring encaustics paint, or have been dabbling in the many exciting techniques for years, this eBook has something for you.

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What’s inside?

These projects offer endless opportunity to explore different materials such as personal templates, tissue paper, and more. Beginners and experts alike will benefit from the helpful instructions on encaustic painting supplies, basic encaustic wax painting techniques, and expert tips. With the helpful tips and individual approaches to encaustic paintings from these artists, you’ll be on your way to creating unique works of encaustic art.

Encaustics Technique #1: Encaustic on the Cheap

Tutorial #1:

Building Up Layers by Michelle Belto

What better place to begin than with a basic lesson on getting started. In this article Michelle Belto tells you how to use materials that are likely already in your art stash to experiment with encaustic painting. In this demo, you’ll start your piece with an underpainting and then add texture and dimension to the artwork.

Encaustic Technique #2: Encaustic Release Technique

Tutorial #2:

The Release Technique: Creating Shapes in Wax by Kimberly Lambert Gibson

Once you’ve warmed up to the basic process of using encaustics, read this article by Kimberly Lambert Gibson. Here she walks you through the steps of preparing your substrate, creating a template, and then painting the shape you’ve created.

Encaustics Technique #3: Encaustic Collage, A Medium for Journalistic Musings

Tutorial #3:

Encaustic Collage, A Medium for Journalistic Musings by Patricia Seggebruch

Patricia didn’t grow up journaling, it just wasn’t a part of her world. So imagine her surprise when she began a series of encaustic paintings that were very reminiscent of journalistic musings. In this article, she demonstrates how to use encaustic painting supplies and wax to tell a story. Follow along to learn how to choose, arrange, and fuse paper layers together as well as how to embed objects, transfer images, and add lines of color.

Encaustic Wax Painting Technique #4: Multi-layered Wax Backgrounds

Tutorial #4:

Multi-layered Wax Backgrounds: Tips for Using a Stylus with Encaustic Paints by Patricia Gaignat

In this article, Patricia shares her new found encaustic painting techniques and delves into the basics. Learn what you need to get started, plus important safety lessons for using encaustic wax supplies. She’ll help guide to which encaustic supplies work best for you, and how to begin exploring encaustic collage.

This tutorial is packed fulled of exciting tips and inspiration.

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