6 Quick and Easy Gifts to Make: Free Homemade Gift Ideas

Busy artists and crafters want to make handmade gifts for our friends and loved ones, but lack of time often gets in the way. So we are always on the lookout for easy gifts that can be personalized and show artistic talent. Now, we’ve put six of our most popular homemade gift ideas for mixed-media artists together in one free eBook, and they are all quick, easy, and artful.

Our first article shows how to combine re-used jars, art journaling pens, found papers, and trims to create easy handmade gifts for everyone on your list. Next in our list of crafty gift ideas is one that is sure to please: glitzy fabrics, beautiful beads, and buttons are hand-stitched together to create a flower in (or hair ornament). For crafty Christmas gifts that are easy and stylish, we show you how to make a trio of chic rings using felt, sequins, and paper. You’ll learn how to make a garland to celebrate any holiday with five versions to inspire you. Plus, we give you two ways to present your easy homemade gifts: gift pockets upcycled from denim jeans and fabric collage cards to convey greetings and gift cards.

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This free ebook has two guides: one for DIY framing, and one to teach you how to hang pictures efficiently.

Easy Gifts to Make!

Craft Project #1: Journal Jars

Journal Jars by Jenn Mason

Don’t recycle those kitchen jars—turn them into artful, easy homemade gifts! Wash the jars and remove the labels. "Journal" on the jars using pens that can write on glass. Add a paper insert, glue some trim around the mouth of the jar, and fill with treats.

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Craft Project #2: Fabric Flower Pins

Fabric Flower Pins by Melody Ferris and Jill Russell

Easy crafts don’t get much easier than this. Cut concentric circles from glitzy fabrics and lace. Pin the layers together and choose a central embellishment. Stitch or hot glue your layers together and add a pin back. This simple project is perfect for beginners and can be the focus of a holiday craft party.

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Craft Project #3: Easy Chic Ring Trio

Easy Chic Ring Trio by Mary Lynn Maloney

Big, bold, funky jewelry is a popular fashion trend, and they are easy gifts to make. Blank metal rings are just waiting for your creative touch to turn them into expressive and stylish accessories. Fill the ring’s bezel with color and texture, using any number of techniques. Paper, fabric, ribbon, and paint are all great choices—what will you choose?

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Craft Project #4: Have a Banner Holiday

Have a Banner Holiday by Cate Coulacos Prato

Nothing says the holidays like a festive banner or garland festooned with mixed-media art. These garlands made from fabric or paper and embellishments are the perfect gift making ideas that can be adapted to any holiday or season. In the tutorial you will learn how to make fabric paper and construct a Hanukkah-themed banner, then get inspired by banner designs made by four additional artists.

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Craft Project #5: Gifting Pockets

Gifting Pockets by Melony Bradley

Melony is always looking for crafts using denim. She took a mixed-media approach for these pockets that can easily be tailored to any skill level. Just cut out the jeans pocket, paint with craft paint, sew or glue on motifs and trims, and add a handle. Now the package is just as special as the gift inside, and you can use the pockets as decoration, too.

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Craft Project #6: Festive Fabric Cards

Festive Fabric Cards to Ro Bruhn

Sometimes, even the most creative person can come up short on gift-making ideas. But that doesn’t mean you have to send holiday wishes or gift cards without that artistic touch. Just stitch together mini collages out of colorful fabric scraps, add a focal button or two, then stitch or glue to the front of a blank card.

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