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Grab some popcorn and your favorite chilled beverage, sit back and watch some of our community videos. Our Video gallery has Cloth Paper Scissor Workshop and Quilting Arts DVD previews, studio tours and other videos submitted by readers, and videos by the Cloth Paper Scissors team both on the road and in the office. Use the pull down under Videos or the Browse Media box on the right to navigate the video galleries. As always, you are welcome to leave comments (please follow community rules and guidelines).

Fly – Art Journal Page Process

I love spending time in my art journal creating, and this page is about using the wings you have been given and soaring, we can hold ourselves back from so much.  I hope that it is a blessing

Part Two: Mixed Media Art Cloth using Recycled Dryer Sheets

In my first video on how to use recycled dryer sheets and turn them into mixed media works of art, I worked on single sheets. This tutorial shows you how to make larger art pieces that can be used in sewing projects using multiple dryer sheets together.  With larger art cloths you can make bags,…

Overdye Wool for your Projects – How-to Slide Show

Go There Now Do you want to use the recycled wool you’ve collected from thrift shops but the colors aren’t quite right and you are not sure what to do about that? You’ve heard of overdyeing, but you’ve not tried it yet because It seems so complicated? Intimidation seems to be a factor that holds…